29.04.2014 в 00:24
Пишет mysteryofobscurity:

Баллада об Артуре Дарвилле на мотив Let It Go (OST Frozen)
Wherever I go people say to me, "Hey, are you that guy?
Doctor Who’s companion, Rory Williams," and I sigh.
I want to tell them there is more to me than this,
I’m not just a bloke riding a TARDIS,
I am an actor in a fable, I didn’t get captured by a weeping angel,
You need to know my own story,
I’m not Rorryyyy.
Let it go, let it go, I’m not in Doctor Who anymore,
Let it go, let it go, because now I’m treading the boards,
I am in a West End play,
It’s called Once and tickets are available every day.
It’s true, I know Matt Smith, we’ve battled some villains,
The Daleks weren’t the worst ones – that was Karen Gillan.
People they shout "EXTERMINATE!" when they see me, it really isn’t great,
All that it needs is a Google search to see that I’m in Broadchurch.
Let it go, let it go, you won’t see me at ComicCon,
Let it go, Jesus, let it go – my sci-fi days are gone,
I am a real actor, I can sing as well,
My agent is contactable every day.

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