Im sorry parents...

Sorry that I ask for band merch once in a while instead of $500 dollar dresses.

Sorry that I want to go to concerts maybe once every two months instead of partying every weekend.

Sorry that I spend my money on skinny jeans instead of drugs like so many other teens.

Sorry that I spend a lot of time in my room on my laptop isntead of getting drunk and hooking up with randoms.

Sorry that I sometimes ask to go to a friends house instead of just getting up and leaving without warning.

Sorry that I cover my bedroom walls with posters of bands instead of shirtless guys

Sorry that I wear skinny jeans and hoodies out instead of short shorts and a tshirt that could practically be a bra.

Sorry that I blast music instead of trying to sneak into clubs.

Sorry that I’m not what everybody expects teens to be like these days..
Нашлось в ленте на тумблере..

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The cat whiskers? They come from within.